Quick update on That Boyfriend Thing.

HUZZAH. He’s gone, she threw him out 3 days ago. Positioned in the kitchen, I heard the whole thing in high def and as he was making claims on ‘his belongings’ I grabbed a notepad and took an inventory. (Yes, I will have a long talk with myself once I have finished writing this). Along with his clothing, he took a strimmer, a non-stick frying pan and 3 onions. He then started to depart while exchanging swear words with his now ex-girlfriend. The usual “faaaak orrf” “nah, YOUUU faaaak orrrf” was in residence, which made me feel disturbingly warm inside. While I was being poked in the eye by my conscience for witnessing this event I was nearly at the point of combustion with glee. I would imagine I resembled a human, but confused, Mount Etna. But that be the current status and it has been lovely and peaceful.

I quite like this blogging lark. There has been lots going on this week in the news that has boiled my bladder, plus I expect I will soon be writing about my 14 year old son who truly believes he is 24 and has the disposition of a hormonal King Kong on all days ending with ‘y’.

Until then, live well and prosper, peoples.


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